Types of Drinking Water Fountains
INDOOR DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS The convenience and benefits of having cool, fresh water in your home, business, or public spaces is imperative to maintain hydration, concentration, and health levels. Indoor drinking fountains provide an endless supply of on-the-go refreshingly chilled water making it an affordable and efficient solution. These types of fountains can be positioned at different heights and come in either wall-mounted or floor-standing models. OUTDOOR DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS Roaming around a park or recreational area, we are sure that you have seen a robust outdoor fountain. Having a water fountain in these environments is a great way to provide people with a free alternative to fizzy drinks (which are one of the leading causes of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes). An outdoor drinking fountain caters to those on the move with a dual tap function for easy drinking or filling up a water bottle. FLOOR STANDING OR WALL MOUNTED Depending on the space you have available, you may choose between two main types of fountains. Floor standing fountains are suitable for large open spaces and are easier to install as well as handle highly demanding environments. Wall-mounted fountains are suitable for smaller outdoor spaces as they save space and can be installed at various heights to cater to everyone of different sizes. Staying hydrated is extremely important especially in warmer weather. Drinking water fountains placed strategically around recreational parks and other facilities is a good way to prevent dehydration and boost body functionality through the consumption of water. So which water fountain should you get? There are a few things to consider. Where it will be positioned and located, how many people will use it, and what you want to achieve through installing one. Browse our range of drinking water fountains here. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.